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Litecoin, dubbed “Bitcoin’s little brother” in the media, is gaining fast on its competitors. Online casinos react by creating litecoin-based games and offering generous rewards to new players. Many of those offers sound too good to be true, and, unfortunately, some of them are.

This is where our service comes in. We are developing a detailed review aggregator that would list all advantages and drawbacks so that you can choose the best online casinos with litecoin in minutes. While we are at it, here is some useful advice on how to tell which websites are worth your time.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that you can invest your savings in, and use it for online gambling. But it is not the only one. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other cryptocurrencies; many of them appear and disappear faster than you even notice, but the most popular and common of them are bitcoin cache, litecoin, and ethereum.

Despite the variety, there are no special advantages in using a different cryptocurrency other than bitcoin for gambling. For example, you can use an alternative cryptocurrency, like litecoin, if you have run out of bitcoins. The only thing to consider when using litecoin (the nearly identical, early bitcoin spinoff): the choice of sites that support your cryptocurrency may be limited. Most sites work with bitcoin, but not all accept other types of cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin Casino Bonus & Promotions

One way litecoin casinos attract new players is through bonuses – various rewards cleverly placed throughout games. Unfortunately, in some cases, clever placement means it will take ages to get your promised promotions. Here is a list of the most popular bonuses found in casinos accepting litecoin along with some of the common pitfalls you may encounter.

Nowadays it is easy to find a lot of information and reviews of the best litecoin casino bonuses offered by all the leading litecoin best casinos, bookmakers, and poker rooms accepting litecoin. Never forget that before making a deposit of real money, litecoins, or other cryptocurrencies in online casinos that accept litecoin, it is strongly recommended that you determine in advance the maximum number of gaming funds that you can spend on gambling every month without significant damage to your livelihood. Before finally choosing one of the bonuses, it is necessary to carefully study all the casino’s conditions of cooperation and their requirements for wagering bonuses. Before you get something, it is wise to clarify whether you need to give something in return. Each of the litecoin bonuses that you receive can significantly increase your winnings, but they can also force you to take certain obligations. We hope you enjoy our list of bonuses from litecoin casino sites so that you will find the most suitable offer.

The most common and demanded bonuses among experienced players are welcome bonuses for new players or, as they are also known, litecoin bonuses for the first deposit or replenishment of the game account. Of course, we advise you to receive such bonuses only after you have enough time to play a lot with no deposit bonuses and free spins to get the minimum necessary gaming experience, which is vital in order to start playing more successfully in the top litecoin casinos for their hard-earned litecoins. In order to receive a bonus from a litecoin casino, you will have to make a deposit to your chosen casino. This means that you need to have a certain amount of litecoins on the balance of your LTC wallet so that in the future it will be possible to transfer them to certain addresses of litecoin wallets.


Online Casino Litecoin Promotions

If you already made a deposit at certain gambling sites that accept litecoin, then after some time they may offer you an additional, repeated litecoin bonus for a new deposit (reload), and some casinos even practice this monthly, this information will be presented to players through the site and information emails. In other words, you can receive a special bonus (usually it is slightly less and, perhaps, slightly less profitable than the Litecoin bonus for the first deposit) for continuous deposits to the online litecoin gambling institution. But to combine such bonuses to a deposit, unfortunately, is impossible, since it is strictly prohibited by the policy of the casino. In addition to deposit bonuses, there are several types that are not as significant, but still profitable bonuses in the framework of certain promotions, for example, special quizzes, contests, tournaments, and online events in which additional litecoins or other valuable prizes can be played.

best litecoin casino sites

Best Litecoin Casino Sites

Any promotions always cause great interest and loyalty among players, as they add motivation for the game and provide a unique opportunity to replenish your game balance with litecoins. Among novice players and fans of free prizes, new litecoin casinos promotions are especially popular through social networks, where prizes are given to all participants, albeit very small ones, for simple actions (for example, to share news, like or comment).


Games in Casino Accepting Litecoin

From a technical standpoint, litecoin is virtually identical to bitcoin. Because of this, most online casinos litecoin games will be familiar to seasoned players. This means you will be able to find all your favorites and successfully use proven strategies.

LTC Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is among the most recognizable in the world. It follows the rules of conventional Blackjack and combines strategy and chance, so skilled players will have an edge. Cryptocurrency serves as a convenient way of payment, so there is no way to have access to detailed percentages of each move.

LTC Dice

One can argue that dice is the definitive example of a cryptocurrency casino experience. You just pick a number you feel lucky about and spin the dice. The lower the chance of the selected roll, the higher the reward. The game is purely chance-based, so you will see the exact likelihood of each bet.

LTC Lottery

This one works just like its real-world counterpart. You buy a ticket, then reveal whether it is a lucky one by “scratching off” the cover. Unlike the real lottery, and similarly to other litecoin casino games, you can always check whether the casino plays by the rules thanks to the provably fair principle.

LTC Poker

Poker is the least chance-dependent game on our list. This means you will not have probabilities displayed on the screen. This also means that the more skilled player you are, the more victories you can enjoy. In this case, litecoin serves simply as a versatile and reliable payout technology.

LTC Roulette

An iconic casino game, roulette was destined to appear in online gaming platforms. Essentially, this is just a dice game with more numbers in it. As you have probably figured by now, litecoin-based roulette is also provably fair, so you can always check whether foul play is involved.

LTC Slots

Another staple of casinos, slots is an online version of slot machines, in which you spin the wheels hoping for a match. You can increase your chances of winning by betting on more than one line. Each new bet has its effect on the chance of winning, which is typically shown to the player.


Litecoin Casinos Betting

With all advantages of provably fair games, one may wonder what stops litecoin casinos from offering betting possibilities. The answer to that is complicated, but the short version is “Everyone wants to play it safe.” Betting requires dealing with additional regulations, so expect to find it only on a small number of websites.

The fact that litecoin is overshadowed by its older brother doesn’t help either. While it has virtually no differences from bitcoin, this cryptocurrency certainly enjoys less media buzz. This fact creates the impression that it is somehow inferior, discouraging website owners from using it. You can always see casinos accepting litecoin betting on our list.


Best Litecoin Mobile Casinos

Many people choose to access the web from phones or tablets. Online services react to demand by adapting their functionality to mobile use. Cryptocurrencies fit extremely well within this philosophy, offering unprecedented reliability and ease of use. However, each service has its own vision of making their platform mobile-friendly.

Because of this, you will occasionally stumble upon a service advertised as a mobile casino that does not have a dedicated app. Depending on your preferences, it may be either an advantage or a deterrence. On top of that, you can go through the trouble of registration only to discover that mobile support is poorly designed, so checking the reviews and feedback beforehand is always a good idea.


The Best Litecoin Casinos

It’s all about the serious advantages that this cryptocurrency provides to fans of gambling. Anonymity, provable honest technology, almost instant translations – these are just some of the benefits you will get when using litecoins. In addition, more and more large and well-known gambling sites are adding support for cryptocurrencies, and primarily for bitcoin and litecoin. This means that the number of options for gambling is increasing day by day.

There are a lot of sites with litecoin support right now, and we have done a lot of work to select the best of them and present them here in our rating. If you are looking for a first-class gambling site for litecoins, then consider our recommendations and choose something to your liking.

They are good enough even for the most demanding user, and you will not be mistaken in choosing any one of them. We write about this with such confidence because we include in our ratings only trusted litecoin casino sites with the highest level of service and security.

If you cannot decide, we recommend that you read our site reviews. In them, we cover everything you need to know about each of the gambling sites, starting with an assortment of games and bonuses, and ending with the supported payment options and commissions.

Cloudbet Casino

Cloudbet is the leading litecoin betting platform, as well as a great online litecoin casino. It has been working since 2013 and to this day has not had a single scandal. Along with regular real-time bets, Cloudbet users can play a variety of games, such as slots, roulette, blackjack, some dealer games, and others. In addition, Cloudbet is the most popular among gamblers. You will find yourself in a specialized Bitcoin casino in the USA, since many American players often visit it.

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BetChain Casino

BetChain is one of those casinos that is on the list of the best litecoin casinos, including ours. It has all the best features of an excellent cryptocurrency online casino, from an incredible selection of games to numerous payment options. Add top-notch security features and fantastic mobile support to this, and you will no doubt get one of the best litecoin gambling sites.

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BitStarz Casino

BitStarz is one of the rare sites that offer a no deposit bonus. Yes, they give you 20 free spins without having to pay with litecoin. To qualify for this bonus at this litecoin gambling, you need to register on the website with a valid email address. Besides this generous promotion, BitStarz offers all the other features you would expect from a first-class gambling site that accepts LTC.

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PlayAmo Casino

If you are looking for a game for free Litecoins in one of litecoin best casino, then PlayAmo is another place where you can find precisely this and much more. Fun and useful games, chat support, fast cash transactions, provably fair games – PlayAmo has it all. Just try it and you will quickly understand why PlayAmo is considered one of the best cryptocurrency gambling sites for now.

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Litecoin Exchanges and Wallets

Litecoin is among the earliest entries on the cryptocurrency scene, so there is plenty of options when it comes to buying and storing it. Most major exchanges, including Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance, and Poloniex, allow buying litecoin for popular fiat currencies as well as other cryptos.

When it comes to storage, there is a lot to choose from. First, you can use your trusted hardware wallet – both Ledger and Trezor models support it. The same goes for most multi-currency wallets like Jaxx and Exodus. Finally, if you are a hardcore blockchain devotee, there are several open-source desktop options like Litecoin Core and Electrum LTC.


Advantages of Litecoin Gambling

The ability to take part in gambling without spending personal funds is a fairly common practice in jurisdictions in which online casinos operate legally. These include countries in the European Union. On the territory of the post-Soviet space, there are also similar manifestations in the form of social casinos of gambling establishments in social networks, in which games for real money are not held at all. A feature of the litecoin casino is that the user not only receives a welcome bonus and the opportunity to play without investing personal funds, but also the option of withdrawing electronic money to your own wallet.

The second feature of litecoin casinos is privacy. Due to the fact that transactions are made using encrypted codes, it is not necessary for the user to provide the operator with their personal data. With this feature, another advantage of the online casino for litecoin is the quick withdrawal of funds.

Low Fees – or None

In comparison with Bitcoins where the commission for transfers is shortly increased to inexplicable sizes, the use of Lightcoins is free of charge. These transfers are usually free, and if there is a small fee, it is usually a purely symbolic blockchain payment. It is worth noting that a low commission is also beneficial for operators who are likely to pay 5% of the commission income.

Instant Transfers

One of the unpleasant moments of online casinos and bookmakers is the processing of payments. For example, it can be difficult to find a payment system or intermediary to send or receive payments due to the fact that your country has blocked gambling payments. Or payments may come with a long delay. The entire amount of litecoins is online, which makes it trustworthy. There are different ways to access your funds, but in general, you can withdraw winnings immediately, which is important for players.

Anonymity and Security

Anonymity is one of the most attractive features of litecoin. Using this decentralized currency, you can play with other people without even knowing who they are. The same applies to you as a player – you can also hide your identity. Now you can relax during the game, without worrying about the fact that you will be judged by the appearance or history of the profile – only the game is an indicator of your success.

Once a transaction has been completed, it will forever remain within the cryptocurrency environment. This means that you can easily track each payment made or received due to the unique ID of each transaction. Now you will have more reliable and definite data, which makes litecoin cryptocurrency online casino a safe choice for everyone.



Choosing the best litecoin casino is challenging. For starters, it is a far less common choice than its older brother, bitcoin. In addition, it enjoys less publicity, so players and casinos alike are less likely to know about it. Nevertheless, as time goes by, it will certainly catch up.

This also means players will have the same difficulties telling an honest litecoin casino from an intentionally misleading one. This is why we decided to include it into the reviews we are working on right now. Once our service is fully functional, you will be able to choose the right fit for you without wasting an extra minute.

litecoin casino

Litecoin Casino



What are the best Litecoin casinos for online gambling?

Litecoin casino is a hybrid phenomenon of two industries of gambling and cryptocurrency. Therefore, when checking the conformity of the work of this type of entertainment with regard to legality, it is worth paying attention to two components at once. The first is whether online casinos are allowed in the jurisdiction; the second - are cryptocurrencies legalized.

The use of cryptocurrencies is permitted at the legislative level in the following countries: Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, South Korea, Finland, Germany, Canada, the Czech Republic, and others.

However, not all countries in which transactions using electronic currency are allowed are loyal to gambling entertainment. For example, in cryptocurrency countries such as Germany, Denmark, Finland, or the Netherlands, the work of gambling establishments without licenses, regardless of whether they are hybrid or classic, is prohibited. So, it is for you to choose the best one.

Is Litecoin gambling legal?

For sure, do not overlook the factor of anonymity. If you use cryptocurrency, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to track its movement and goals. Along with this, there are foreign sites for gambling that do not provide the government with data on wins and losses. Unlike traditional online casinos, in a crypto casino, the probability of your account getting blocked due to suspicious activity is very low.

In most countries, cryptocurrency is not regulated in any way - the authorities do not prohibit storing and trading digital money.
Litecoin is fully legal in at least 111 countries, according to a study by the Coin Dance portal. Among the 20 countries that lead in the trading volumes of digital money in pairs with the national currency, only three do not recognize cryptocurrency as legal.

Is Litecoin safe to use?

It is possible to hack Litecoin only by gaining control over more than 51% of the network nodes. To do this, hackers will need to generate just as much processing power throughout the network, which is almost impossible.

The possibility of such an occurrence is impossible because the network is too huge for this. Moreover, it may take millions of dollars in Litecoin equivalent. This in itself will be too expensive an event.

The network itself is safe, then what about your wallets for Litecoins? It depends on how / where you want to store them. There are many different types of wallets available for storing cryptocurrencies. Each of them provides a different level of protection.