Guide to Best Bitcoin Casinos 2020

Since its introduction, the idea of a cryptocurrency-based casino was embraced by services and players alike. The former got more freedom in game creation and payout options, while the latter an unprecedented degree of fairness and ease of use. Now, hundreds of services compete for the title of the best bitcoin casino.

Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules. While some casinos work honestly to hone their games to perfection, others resort to deceptive practices and misleading promises. This is why our team is hard at work analyzing every little aspect of bitcoin casinos so that you stay safe and spend your time winning instead of wandering the web in search of an honest game.

Bonuses in Bitcoin Casinos

The market of bitcoin casinos grows at a staggering pace, with new websites appearing almost every day. To attract players, they need to offer some kind of rewards. The most obvious choice is to gift new players some cryptocurrency to let them try the service at little to no cost. These are called bonuses and come in many forms.

What you should keep in mind is that even the best bitcoin casino exists for the purpose of making money. This means that no matter how lucrative, bonuses still exist primarily to convince you to join. Simply put, you are the product, and the best bitcoin casinos are out there trying to get you first.

Unfortunately, not all of these attempts are equally honest. Some bonuses will be available only after a certain amount of money is deposited, while others would apply only under specific conditions. In some cases, you may spend some time (and bitcoin) before even realizing it has been wasted. Here is a list of the most popular options prepared by our team to help you make the right decision.

First Deposit Bonus

One way for a bitcoin casino to attract players is to offer some crypto on top of what has been deposited by the player. For instance, once you finish registration and decide to deposit 0.1 BTC, you get another 0.1 for free. Doubling your money means doubling your winnings, right?

Well, not exactly. First, bitcoin casinos often cap the first deposit bonus to limit the payouts. Second, you need to make a certain number of bets before you can withdraw your funds.

Total of Deposit Bonuses

Some websites choose to expand the deposit bonus beyond the first instance. Most often, the rates at which you get rewards for adding money to your online casino bitcoin wallet will vary. To avoid confusing clients, casinos may choose to present the total of deposit bonuses instead.

As the name suggests, it represents the sum of all possible rewards combined. However, its simplicity is deceiving. In many cases, you may end up with only a fraction of the promised bonus due to some obscure conditions.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are perhaps the most straightforward of the three. In essence, these grant the opportunity to try some games before staking your bitcoins. Most often, a no deposit bonus is expressed in “spins” – free attempts per game. Naturally, they become available only after registration is complete.

Note, however, that a bitcoin casino may also offer free spins that are not no-deposit bonuses since they only become available after the first payment. Other times, you will be offered spins only for certain games. Finally, there is often a wagering requirement that delays your withdrawal.

Top Bitcoin Casino Games

Another way to attract players is to make sure that everyone finds a game to their tastes. This is why top bitcoin casinos brag dozens of various roulettes, slot machines, and card games. Some of them work virtually identically to real-world counterparts, while others offer an unprecedented degree of precision in terms of betting and adjusting your chances of winning.

The main difference between a bitcoin casino and a traditional one is the underlying technology. The transparent and precise nature of the blockchain allows creating provably fair games. This means that you can always check whether the game is tweaked to decrease your chances of losing.

BTC Slots

In this online casino bitcoin variation of an iconic slot machine, the player tries to get a winning combination by spinning the reels. Unlike the physical machines, bitcoin slots are limited only by the casino’s ambition, so it is not uncommon to see six-reel games.

You can bet on more than one line, which will increase your chance of winning. In most cases, there will be a detailed winning percentage for each bet so that you will always see what the risks are.

BTC Blackjack

Another classic revitalized by the bitcoin technology. Blackjack is among the most popular games in the world, and online casinos are not the exception. BTC Blackjack typically works according to one of several sets of rules, with the goal of reaching as high score as possible without going over 21.

Unlike slot machines, the game does not depend entirely on chance. Like other online casino bitcoin games, it is provably fair. This means that an experienced player can reliably increase their winning rate with strategy.

BTC Roulette

Like the slot machine, roulette is strongly associated with betting, so bitcoin casinos will have it in some form. Interestingly, the roulette is probably the closest to bitcoin-based games in the sense that it has a rather accurate winning percentage distribution.

You can bet on a color, number groups, such as dozens or odd/even numbers, or a single number. Each option will have a different payout size, depending on its likelihood. Top bitcoin casinos will offer the possibility to verify the fairness of the mechanism behind the rolls.

BTC Dice

Bitcoin dice is a general term for a large family of games built around dice rolls. These games fall in one of two categories. The first is based on true random number generation, with winning sizes adjusted for the likelihood of each number. For instance, you can set a number you hope the roll will not exceed.

The second type is based on actual physical dice rolls that happen live. These games are more expensive to set up and run, so expect only the best bitcoin casinos to have them.

BTC Lottery

Lottery games are essentially BTC slot machines with a different exterior. Instead of betting on a line, you pay for a “ticket” – essentially a chance to play. Next, “scratch off” the paint to reveal the combination. If the numbers or images match, you are a winner!

If you are paying attention, you probably have already figured out that that this is a slot machine with different animation. Instead of watching the images spinning, you watch the cover being removed, so choosing between the two is only a matter of preference.

BTC Poker

Poker is somewhat different from the rest of the games covered in the list in that a player competes with real people. This essentially means bitcoin casinos cannot offer the same level of transparency seen in other games. Mainly, the cryptocurrency is used only for payouts.

This is not to say there are no advantages to it. Bitcoin poker offers decent anonymity for the players. What’s more, the blockchain-powered deposits and withdrawals are lightning-speed fast. Finally, some bitcoin casinos allow playing several games for free as a part of their bonus offers.

Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

Many people prefer to go online from their phones and tablets rather than desktop machines. To a bitcoin casino, this is both an opportunity and a complication. On the one hand, it makes their services more accessible, promising higher revenues. On the other hand, it requires additional resources to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

In your search of the best bitcoin casino, check if it has a mobile client. If you plan to use your phone for playing, be aware that not all websites are suitable for this. Keep in mind that some mobile services require a separate app, while others need to be accessed from the browser.

Bitcoin Exchanges and Wallets

Another important aspect of selecting the best bitcoin casino is how it works with your funds. In most cases, you will need a wallet for depositing and withdrawing your crypto to play. Most bitcoin casinos will do it by giving you an address to send your coins to much like exchanges do. Note that sending bitcoin directly from your exchange account is never a good idea because you can lose funds.

Some websites will also have the option of using crypto on your address without actually moving it anywhere. Top bitcoin casinos sometimes claim full compatibility with popular hardware wallets. This feature should be used only when you are absolutely certain that you know what you are doing.

Conclusion to Online Bitcoin Casinos

Choosing the best bitcoin casino is a wild ride. At first glance, every single website promises to shower you with bonuses and give massive amounts of crypto just for registering. Once you scratch the surface, the truth is often far less attractive.

Sometimes, it turns out you are only eligible for a fraction of bonuses. In other cases, you cannot withdraw your winnings before certain conditions are met. Finally, you may find that the website is barely usable on your phone despite being described as mobile. Our team works hard to spot such pitfalls and present the information to you in an easy-to-use format.