Best Bitcoin Casino Sites (2022) – ₿ (BTC)

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites (2022) – ₿ (BTC)

Since its introduction, the idea of a cryptocurrency-based casino was embraced by services and players alike. The former got more freedom in game creation and payout options, while the latter an unprecedented degree of fairness and ease of use. Now, hundreds of services compete for the title of the best bitcoin casino.

Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules. While some casinos work honestly to hone their games to perfection, others resort to deceptive practices and misleading promises. This is why our team is hard at work analyzing every little aspect of bitcoin casinos so that you stay safe and spend your time winning instead of wandering the web in search of an honest game.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy, secure, and reliable bitcoin gambling website, keep reading. We are about to reveal to you the best bitcoin casinos websites and their most interesting aspects.

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How We Review Bitcoin Casinos?

Our professional reviewers, with extensive bitcoin gambling experience, have prepared a credible overview of the best bitcoin casinos. We developed the most efficient evaluation process that provides us with a highly detailed and structured overview of the most popular, scam-free, and credible btc gambling sites. This means that you can fully rely on our review because it has been collated as a result of methodical research and tested through real-life practice.

Because we use only our own time and money in our evaluation process, we are especially invested in finding the best of the best among the top bitcoin casinos for you. Our bitcoin casino review includes detailed descriptions of the stages of a typical crypto gambling experience like the registration process, account creation, deposit and withdrawal, bonus claiming, and coins depositing. In addition, we provide information about payment options, the quality of customer support, variety of games, and the fairness of each btc casino.


Bitcoin Casino Bonus & Promotions

The market of bitcoin casinos grows at a staggering pace, with new websites appearing almost every day. To attract players, they need to offer some kind of rewards. The popularity of bitcoin casino bonuses among traditional and bitcoin gamblers is overwhelming and undisputed. Each of the best online bitcoin casinos tries its best to incite and entertain as many gamblers as possible. The most obvious choice is to gift new players some promo to let them try the service at little to no cost. These are called bonuses and come in many forms.

They constantly reassess, reshape, and work to promote their bonus policy and terms. Management usually spends billions of dollars on their online bitcoin casino promotions and marketing strategy annually. What you should keep in mind is that even the best bitcoin casino exists for the purpose of making money. This means that no matter how lucrative, bonuses still exist primarily to convince you to join. Simply put, you are the product, and the best bitcoin casinos are out there trying to get you first.

best bitcoin casino sites

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Unfortunately, not all of these attempts are equally honest. Some bonuses will be available only after a certain amount of money is deposited, while others would apply only under specific conditions. In some cases, you may spend some time (and bitcoin) before even realizing it has been wasted. Here is a list of the most popular options prepared by our team to help you make the right decision.

It’s always important to become carefully acquainted with the Terms and Conditions or Bonus Policy sections before continuing your wonderful bitcoin gambling experience. Especially because, in some cases, gamblers will find it difficult to meet certain requirements.

So, what are typical bitcoin casino bonuses and their requirements?


Welcome Bonus – First Deposit Casino Bonus

The welcome bonus is a wonderful chance for a gambler to become familiar with a certain btc casino, the conditions it offers, and, play for the money provided by the casino itself. It allows you to play with a certain sum of money deposited by the casino.

One way for a bitcoin casino to attract players is to offer some crypto on top of what has been deposited by the player. For instance, once you finish registration and decide to deposit 0.1 BTC, you get another 0.1 for free. Doubling your money means doubling your winnings, right?

Well, not exactly. First, bitcoin casinos often cap the first deposit bonus to limit the payouts. Second, you need to make a certain number of bets before you can withdraw your funds.

No one will doubt the importance of a welcome bonus and the impression it creates for a future casino bitcoin customer. As mentioned earlier, best online bitcoin casinos sincerely try their best to create the most efficient marketing and promotion strategy ever.

Of course, it usually comes with some limitations, but this experience definitely helps gamblers see the work of a casino bitcoin from the inside. Mostly, the sum of the bitcoin casino welcome bonus doesn’t exceed 100% of your sum. Regardless, it’s a perfect chance to almost double the amount of bitcoin you have for gambling.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is a wonderful option for gamblers to try out a certain online casino without risking their own money. Moreover, whether you’re a newbie or a professional gambler with extensive experience you can use it as an opportunity to become familiar with the interface, bonus policy, games, and other main features of the casino.

No deposit bonuses are perhaps the most straightforward. In essence, these grant the opportunity to try some games before staking your bitcoins. Most often, a no deposit bonus is expressed in “spins” – free attempts per game. Naturally, they become available only after registration is complete.

Note, however, that a bitcoin casino may also offer free spins that are not no-deposit bonuses since they only become available after the first payment. Other times, you will be offered spins only for certain games. Finally, there is often a wagering requirement that delays your withdrawal.

Repeatable Bonuses

This type of bonus is extremely important for gamblers and online casino management as well. They are revealed weekly, monthly, annually, on special days, customer birthdays, etc. It is a good chance to get familiar with the interface, bonus policy, reputation, and other key aspects.

Total of Deposit Bonuses

Some websites choose to expand the deposit bonus beyond the first instance. Most often, the rates at which you get rewards for adding money to your online casino bitcoin wallet will vary. To avoid confusing clients, casinos may choose to present the total of deposit bonuses instead.

As the name suggests, it represents the sum of all possible rewards combined. However, its simplicity is deceiving. In many cases, you may end up with only a fraction of the promised bonus due to some obscure conditions.


Bitcoin Casino Games

Another way to attract players is to make sure that everyone finds a game to their tastes. This is why top bitcoin casinos brag dozens of various roulettes, slot machines, and card games. Some of them work virtually identically to real-world counterparts, while others offer an unprecedented degree of precision in terms of betting and adjusting your chances of winning.

The main difference between a bitcoin casino and a traditional one is the underlying technology. The transparent and precise nature of the blockchain allows creating provably fair games. This means that you can always check whether the game is tweaked to decrease your chances of losing.

BTC Slots

In this online casino bitcoin variation of an iconic slot machine, the player tries to get a winning combination by spinning the reels. Unlike the physical machines, bitcoin slots are limited only by the casino’s ambition, so it is not uncommon to see six-reel games.

You can bet on more than one line, which will increase your chance of winning. In most cases, there will be a detailed winning percentage for each bet so that you will always see what the risks are.

BTC Blackjack

Another classic revitalized by the bitcoin technology. Blackjack is among the most popular games in the world, and online casinos are not the exception. BTC Blackjack typically works according to one of several sets of rules, with the goal of reaching as high score as possible without going over 21.

Unlike slot machines, the game does not depend entirely on chance. Like other online casino bitcoin games, it is provably fair. This means that an experienced player can reliably increase their winning rate with strategy.

BTC Roulette

Like the slot machine, roulette is strongly associated with betting, so bitcoin casinos will have it in some form. Interestingly, the roulette is probably the closest to bitcoin-based games in the sense that it has a rather accurate winning percentage distribution.

You can bet on a color, number groups, such as dozens or odd/even numbers, or a single number. Each option will have a different payout size, depending on its likelihood. Top bitcoin casinos will offer the possibility to verify the fairness of the mechanism behind the rolls.

BTC Dice

Bitcoin dice is a general term for a large family of games built around dice rolls. These games fall in one of two categories. The first is based on true random number generation, with winning sizes adjusted for the likelihood of each number. For instance, you can set a number you hope the roll will not exceed.

The second type is based on actual physical dice rolls that happen live. These games are more expensive to set up and run, so expect only the best bitcoin casinos to have them.

BTC Lottery

Lottery games are essentially BTC slot machines with a different exterior. Instead of betting on a line, you pay for a “ticket” – essentially a chance to play. Next, “scratch off” the paint to reveal the combination. If the numbers or images match, you are a winner!

If you are paying attention, you probably have already figured out that that this is a slot machine with different animation. Instead of watching the images spinning, you watch the cover being removed, so choosing between the two is only a matter of preference.

BTC Poker

Poker is somewhat different from the rest of the games covered in the list in that a player competes with real people. This essentially means bitcoin casinos cannot offer the same level of transparency seen in other games. Mainly, the cryptocurrency is used only for payouts.

This is not to say there are no advantages to it. Bitcoin poker offers decent anonymity for the players. What’s more, the blockchain-powered deposits and withdrawals are lightning-speed fast. Finally, some bitcoin casinos allow playing several games for free as a part of their bonus offers.

Best Bitcoin Casino List

Our review experts have created a trustworthy overview of the most popular, efficient, and proven bitcoin casino list. The information it contains was obtained through personal bitcoin gambling experience. Don’t hesitate to rely on it!

  1. Sportsbetting. ag – The name of this online casino is familiar to almost every gambler in the industry. Moreover, Sportsbetting. ag is quite an innovative casino as it is open to new opportunities and approaches that it frequently tries to implement. Bitcoin is not an exception. is considered as one of the most trusted and popular online casinos. This has been proven by years of successful activity, tons of completed deposits and withdrawals, and satisfied customers all over the globe.When it comes to Bitcoin gambling, Sportsbetting. ag accepts a wide-ranging list of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Skrill, Ripple, etc. Moreover, it offers wonderful and diverse opportunities for gamblers to play. The list of games and game variations are really impressive and contains games from the best developers in the gaming industry.Moreover, Sportbetting. ag is a good choice as a mobile bitcoin casino because it has an extremely easy to use mobile interface that is fun to play. It carries a license from Panama and offers a transparent platform that avoids all the negative issues with non-payments and frauds. Don’t hesitate to include Sportsbetting. ag on your bitcoin casino list as one of the top options.
  2. Betchain – is considered as one of the first online casinos bitcoin that emerged back in 2013. Betchain is a wonderful choice when you want to play traditional online slots and innovative Bitcoin slots as well.It offers a good assortment of games created by the best gaming developers. Besides popular and convenient e-wallets and payment systems, many gamblers like playing with Betchain because it accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
    Betchain has a wonderful list of bonuses. For instance, a generous welcome bonus that attracts thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.Betchain’s generous bonuses allow them to play diverse games that give the opportunity to multiply their income and receive winnings. Moreover, this casino accepting bitcoin is known as a reputable one without any significant non-payment issues and frauds. Hopefully, this will be enough to persuade you to play at Betchain!
  3. mBit Casino – This bitcoin gambling website is known as the most credible and popular one among crypto admirers. It constantly develops and introduces new opportunities for bitcoin gamblers all over the world. For instance, their set of bonuses deserves a separate review. mBit’s welcome bonus offers about 300 free spins on your first deposit.Also, you receive a wonderful customer-centric approach represented by the VIP program that gives you a chance to enjoy Bitcoin gambling at its best. Moreover, you’ll have your own customer support representative that will be happy to answer your questions or solve any issues.Along with that, mBit Casino gives customers a chance to make their deposit with both regular and cryptocurrencies. They offer some generous bonuses for their customers to try this option out.
  4. 1xBit – is known as one of the leaders among top bitcoin casinos. One of the first features that catch the eye when opening the website or mobile application is the responsive, comprehensive, and convenient interface. It will be convenient and useful not only for experienced gamblers but for newbies as well.The amount of games, slots, and live dealer games represented at the platform is truly impressive. Each of the gaming items will bring you to the entertaining world of Bitcoin gambling. The games were created by the best gaming software developers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and others. In general, 1xBit offers about 65+ gaming software providers in their portfolio.When it comes to Bitcoin acceptance, 1xBit doesn’t limit itself with regular currencies and payment systems, it accepts about 20 cryptocurrencies. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is one of them, as well as Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. However, as for the first deposit, the online casino has requirements a bit higher than usual. But the welcome bonus is also higher than the average making up for the higher requirements.
  5. PlayAmo – is justly considered as one of the leaders among bitcoin casinos. The interface of the website and mobile application is responsive, fast, and secure. It is easily navigated for a wide range of players with all levels of expertise and experience.The total amount of games represented on the platform is more than 1,000, including bitcoin slots, live dealer games, roulette, blackjack, etc. Each of them was created following the latest trends in the gaming software development industry. The first deposit allows you to use 20 free spins added to your $100 welcome bonus.The number of accepted bitcoin currencies is also impressive. The list of cryptocurrencies includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and, of course, regular currencies. Customer support service is fast, secure, and reliable. Our experience shows that it won’t take much time to get a response from the support representative via e-mail or live chat.
  6. CasinoIn – Despite the fact that the online casino was launched only in 2015 it has already attracted a lot of satisfied customers all over the globe. CasinoIn has a wide range of games created by the best representatives of the gaming software development industry. Whether you’re a live dealer games fan or a baccarat admirer, you will find something that fits your needs.The casino bitcoin offers a VIP program for regular customers and high rollers. CasinoIn is known in the online casino industry by its credible and high-level security proved by thousands of safe and successful operations and payment transactions held at the platform.The customer support service is a wonderful example of a customer-centric approach. The customer service is represented by the best professionals with a technical and gambling background. Moreover, it is accessed in 20 languages. Whatever your issue or question is, it will be immediately answered and solved by the experienced customer service representatives.
    The security on the platform is carefully and credibly protected by the latest SSL-encryption technologies. So, you shouldn’t worry at all about your personal data and payment info protection. Moreover, CasinoIn is issued by the Curacao Gambling Authority that is deservedly considered as one of the reputable and popular gaming commissions in the global gambling industry.
Pros and Cons of Bitcoin for Players and Casinos
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Low fees
  • Secure Payments
  • privacy
  • Slower transactions
  • Management of your own wallet
  • Low fees
  • Secure Payments
  • Competitive advantage over other casinos
  • Fluctuating course
  • Higher administrative effort for managing the wallets


Bitcoin Mobile Casinos

Many people prefer to go online from their phones and tablets rather than desktop machines. To a bitcoin casino, this is both an opportunity and a complication. On the one hand, it makes their services more accessible, promising higher revenues. On the other hand, it requires additional resources to ensure compatibility and ease of use.

In your search of the best bitcoin casino, check if it has a mobile client. If you plan to use your phone for playing, be aware that not all websites are suitable for this. Keep in mind that some mobile services require a separate app, while others need to be accessed from the browser.


Bitcoin Exchanges and Wallets

Another important aspect of selecting the best bitcoin casino is how it works with your funds. In most cases, you will need a wallet for depositing and withdrawing your crypto to play. Most bitcoin casinos will do it by giving you an address to send your coins to much like exchanges do. Note that sending bitcoin directly from your exchange account is never a good idea because you can lose funds.

Some websites will also have the option of using crypto on your address without actually moving it anywhere. Top bitcoin casinos sometimes claim full compatibility with popular hardware wallets. This feature should be used only when you are absolutely certain that you know what you are doing.

The Best Bitcoin Live Dealer Casinos
Bitcoin live casino Live dealer tables Live provider Bitcoin bonus Terms To the ₿ Casino
368 Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, BetGames, Pragmatic Play, Hollywood TV 100 USD +500 Free Spins 35x bonus, 10 days PLAY NOW!
327 Evolution, Ezugi, Lucky Streak, Lucky Streak, BetGamesTV, Absolute Live Gaming 5 BTC +100 Free Spins 40x bonus, 14 days PLAY NOW!
317 Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Ezugi 500 USD +200 Free Spins 35x bonus, 10 days PLAY NOW!
251 Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, ViVo, Asia Gaming 100% up to 5 BTC Via Loyalty Points, 365 days PLAY NOW!


Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

The popularity of bitcoin gambling is undeniable nowadays. However, a few years ago the situation was completely the opposite. This is because Bitcoin, as a cryptocurrency, was only breaking ground in the world of digital currencies.
As a result, it was rejected by most online casinos in the gambling industry due to fear of fraud and non-payments. However, casinos eventually gave it a chance and it paved the way for other cryptocurrencies as well.

It took some time before cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin leading, became one of the regular banking options along with e-wallets and other traditional banking options. There was a whole army of non-believers that were predicting the quick failure of Bitcoin.
But the online casino industry was one of the first to accept Bitcoin as a payment option and it seems like it was the right choice. Let’s take a look of the advantages that you will get from Bitcoin gambling.

Low Fees – or None

Fees are a typical and predictable aspect of most online casinos. However, when it comes to the best bitcoin casinos things are a bit different. One of the most obvious, transparent, and efficient changes related to Bitcoin gambling is the low amount or absence of fees.

Undoubtedly, bitcoin gambling sites are a place you’re looking for to win and earn money. However, paying fees might stand in your way. But the bitcoin casino list has a different and more alternative approach to the typical fee-charging procedure.

Mostly, there are no intermediaries between platform and gamblers, that’s why you won’t be charged for making a deposit or withdrawing money. Try it!

Instant Transfers

Gambling with bitcoin will allow you to send and receive your transfers instantly and without any delays. This advantage becomes irreplaceable when you decide to play somewhere on the move and have no time for complicated security checking procedures.

After an efficient bitcoin gambling session, you’ll have an ability to fund or withdraw the winnings from your bank account or vice versa. It won’t take too much of your precious time.

Anonymity and Security

These two criteria are one of the most important among bitcoin casino reviews. Sometimes, it takes really long and careful research to become familiar with these aspects and to see how they truly work. Strong and protected anonymity along with security create a basis for a successful customer-centric approach and show customers if the btc casinos are worth their precious time.

As mentioned earlier, there were tons of discussions connected with Bitcoin gambling credibility and trustworthiness due to their fast emergence on the market of payments. When it comes to anonymity and security, your online casino requires your personal payment details to be filled in. On the other hand, it’s a typical procedure for depositing and withdrawing money that you probably won’t be able to avoid.

However, it won’t negatively influence your experience as it is almost impossible for third parties to get access to your personal payment details. Digital assets are not regular physical money held in your pocket or wallet so it might be a hard task to actually lose it.


Conclusion to Online Bitcoin Casinos

Choosing the best bitcoin casino is a wild ride. At first glance, every single website promises to shower you with bonuses and give massive amounts of crypto just for registering. Once you scratch the surface, the truth is often far less attractive.

Sometimes, it turns out you are only eligible for a fraction of bonuses. In other cases, you cannot withdraw your winnings before certain conditions are met. Finally, you may find that the website is barely usable on your phone despite being described as mobile. Our team works hard to spot such pitfalls and present the information to you in an easy-to-use format.

bitcoin casino

Bitcoin Casino



What is the best Bitcoin for online gambling site?

This largely depends on your gambling experience and aims. The types of digital currencies accepted by a certain online casino are usually wide-ranging and offers a lot of items. This includes but not limited to Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin also have a lot of obvious and transparent advantages related to its usage. For instance, all payment transactions are held almost instantly (less than an hour) regardless of the distance and country. Moreover, the fees are usually lower or non-existent.

One of the main pros of dealing with Bitcoins is its transparency and anonymity. It’s almost impossible to get a hold of the transactions or track them.

Is bitcoin gambling legal?

Despite the worries connected with the emergence of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, they are usually overestimated. Frankly speaking, the area of crypto currency is really agile and sometimes unpredictable. Moreover, it’s pretty controversial as well.
There aren’t any laws and amendments that completely prohibit digital currencies. However, there aren’t any laws and amendments that allow it as well. Pretty strange, right?

Anyway, the crypto industry is something that might take time to cope with. Mostly, it is related to governments in the US that sometimes prohibit online casinos that accept Bitcoins and other crypto currencies.
That’s why most of the online casinos that accept Bitcoins are located outside of the USA. That’s why it’s extremely important to become familiar with the Terms and Conditions section of the online casino that you wish to play.

Is Bitcoin safe to use?

Current top bitcoin casinos do their best to provide the most credible safety and security systems. However, when it comes to the internet, it is always important to be attentive. You should always use only reliable online casino websites to leave only the best memories of the bitcoin gambling experience.

Bitcoin is definitely a safe and trustworthy way to make your payments, deposits, and withdrawals. However, there is one important thing to point out. Bitcoin can be sent to cover your payment but can’t be returned back. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s a pro or a con. On the other hand, it gives many more advantages over payment control and safety.