Guide to Dogecoin Casinos 2020

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started as a half-serious tribute to an internet meme. However, over time it has proven its worth as a fast and trustworthy payment option, so some casinos added it to their list of accepted crypto-coins.

However, not everyone is equally honest with the players. Some use confusing wording to create too-good-to-be-true offers, while others have a severely limited selection of games. Our team is working hard to create a definitive list of the best dogecoin casinos. In the meantime, check our advice on how to avoid pitfalls and enjoy fair winnings.

Best Dogecoin Casino Bonuses

Cryptocurrency casinos often attract newcomers by offering nice bonuses. Casinos that use dogecoin are not an exception. Naturally, some of them also resort to the same deceptive practices as other services in this market. Occasionally, you will stumble upon a casino that won’t give you bonuses based on fine-print limitations you didn’t notice upon registration. Our team has prepared a shortlist of things to keep in mind to avoid such situations.

Dogecoin Casinos Games

In a technical sense, this coin is no different from common cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. This means that dogecoin online casinos may use the same types of games for it. However, since doge is less iconic than its older brother, a casino will probably play it safe by sticking only to the most popular ones. We are hard at work developing a comprehensive list of available games for each casino. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with this primer.

Dogecoin Casinos Betting

With dogecoin being essentially a clone of bitcoin, you may wonder, “Can I make bets with it?” As usual, the short answer is “Yes,” but the complete picture is somewhat complicated. Dogecoin online casinos try to stay on the safe side by using only technically mature cryptocurrencies that are readily available to consumers. Fortunately, dogecoin satisfies both of these requirements.

However, there is a caveat. Technically mature does not mean popular, so even the best dogecoin casino will be slow to add Doge to its list of acceptable currencies. Because of this, the selection of casinos that support betting in it is very limited. That said, once our service is complete, you can easily check which platforms already have this option.

Dogecoin Mobile Casinos

Phones and tablets are becoming the preferred way of using online services. Online casinos recognize this opportunity and try to make their services compatible with as many devices as possible. In this light, it looks like an optimal choice in terms of speed and ease of use. Nevertheless, a mobile dogecoin casino is still a rare thing to find.

The reason for this is the popularity. No matter how practical the crypto or mobile compatibility is, adding it still incurs some expenses for the website. We believe that players deserve to know which casinos recognize the needs of their users, so these factors will also be reflected in the final version of our product.

Dogecoin Exchanges and Wallets

No matter how advanced a cryptocurrency is, it is useless unless you can easily exchange your winnings for cash. Fortunately, most major exchanges list dogecoin among their trading pairs. As long as you have an account on Bittrex, Kraken, or Poloniex, you can trade the desired amount of coins.

The same goes for wallets. Doge has its own dedicated wallet called Dogecoin Wallet (little surprise there), which is as easy and secure as any bitcoin wallet. Alternatively, you may choose a multi-currency wallet such as Exodus or Coinomi, or even a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger.

Conclusion to Online Doge Casinos

Dogecoin is a light-hearted yet fast and secure cryptocurrency, which may seem like a perfect fit for online gaming platforms. Nevertheless, dogecoin casinos are still rare, and existing ones present the same challenges to users as other crypto-based websites in the market. Some may have bonuses hidden behind obscure rules; others will have poor mobile compatibility.

As a result, you can waste days before finding the best dogecoin casino. To save you time and money, we are developing a service that would evaluate all the important factors and produce a reliable and easy-to-understand list. With this information, you can make the right decision in minutes and dive right in!