Best Crypto Casinos (2020)

Once cryptocurrency has proven its value, the emergence of crypto casinos was inevitable. To stay ahead of competitors, these services offer lucrative bonuses to new players. Unfortunately, these promises are far less generous than they seem.

In some cases, confusing wording of the offer conceals the fact that a bonus is not available in your case. Other times, you do receive a bonus but can only use it once you deposit a certain amount of money. Services such as analyze each bonus and read all the fine print so that you could find out which casinos are worthy of your time.

Crypto Currency Casino Bonuses

One of the ways crypto casinos attract new customers is by offering bonuses for first-time visitors. Many players view them as an important factor in choosing the best crypto casino. After all, trying a new service is always costly, so having an advantage is always welcome.

However, spotting these bonuses may be tricky. Some websites choose to limit the eligibility by having confusing rules that prevent you from getting your rewards until much later. This is why we factor bonus offers into our analysis of the best crypto casinos so that you don’t have to sift through lengthy Terms and Conditions.

First Deposit Bonus

One common way a crypto casino may attract new players is by offering a first deposit bonus. In simple terms, a casino promises to give you some cryptocurrency for free on top of what you deposit when you start playing.

It is not uncommon to see bonuses of 100% and above, which means you get twice as much as your first deposit. One thing you should be on a lookout for is wagering – the minimal amount of bets you need to make before a crypto currency casino will let you withdraw your rewards.

Free Spins

Another attractive opportunity is a free spin. This is exactly what it sounds like – a crypto casino allows you to take some bets without depositing any coins at all. You can think of it as a reward for going through the website’s registration procedure.

As with other bonuses, you need to be on a lookout for the conditions. Free spins usually need to be wagered. Other times, you can use them only in certain games. To save you the trouble, we have a detailed rundown of these conditions on our list.

No Deposit Bonus

In your search for the best crypto casino, you may also stumble upon a no deposit bonus. This may seem confusing because such a bonus often comes in the form of a free spin. Other times, you may be given some extra money for free before casinos take crypto from you.

This might get a little confusing, so here is a primer for you. A no-deposit bonus is any reward that comes before you send the platform your funds. This means that any free spins that require no deposit will count. These details are also incorporated into the methodology.

Casinos Take Crypto Games

A great thing about crypto casinos is the variety of games they offer. People associate the word “casino” with traditional games like poker, blackjack, and some sort of a slot machine. There is certainly a good chance you will find all of these in any cryptocurrency casino. What you may not expect is a selection of unique titles based on cryptocurrency that offers as much depth and strategy to players. Here is a list of the most notable ones:

Bitcoin Dice: One of the earliest and most recognizable games based on Blockchain technology. Its greatest advantage is that the technology Bitcoin Dice is provably fair – which means you can also verify whether the outcomes of rolls are tamper-free.

Satoshi Dice: The most famous successor to Bitcoin Dice, this version has since outgrown its precursor. What makes Satoshi Dice popular among crypto casinos is that the game is not restricted to any service or software. This version also allows for automated betting strategies without compromising fair play.

Bitcoin Slots: You will be hard-pressed to find a cryptocurrency casino that does not have a version of a bitcoin-based slot machine. Like all game systems built on blockchain, these slots can be checked for fairness at any time.

Mobile Crypto Casinos

With phones and tablets becoming ubiquitous around the world, the best crypto casinos try to attract new audiences by optimizing their services to mobile user experience. Some new entrants to the market even go the other way round by offering a mobile version before creating the one for desktops.

There are two questions you should ask when it comes to a mobile crypto currency casino. The first is “Can I switch between desktop and mobile versions without having any trouble?” The second is “Do I need to install an app, or will the browser suffice?” Alternatively, you can just check our reviews, which already have this information.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets

Finally, once you win big in your favorite crypto casino, you need to think about where to move your funds. You will also need the wallet for converting some of your winnings into cash. A word of warning, though: the use of wallets may vary depending on how the casino of your choice operates.

In most cases, the funds are withdrawn in the same manner as from any other cryptocurrency-related website. That is, you paste your bitcoin address, provide all necessary credentials, and receive your coins in a matter of minutes. For such cases, any solution will do, such as a hardware wallet or an app that manages your keys locally. Be aware, though, that using your cryptocurrency exchange address for this is usually a bad idea.

Some crypto casinos use a method where the funds actually never leave your wallet. This is only possible with some cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and EOS. You should always check whether your wallet is compatible with these features.

Conclusion to Best Crypto Casinos

Finding the best crypto casino for your purposes is not an easy task. While most websites promise generous bonuses and other lucrative offers, they rarely come with no strings attached. As a result, you can spend hours before realizing all that time was wasted.

One way to avoid it is to do your research. However, it requires time and effort for every website and doesn’t always pay off. To save you the trouble, we are hard at work developing an exhaustive list that would have all this information gathered in one place. With you can focus on playing while we do all the boring work for you.