Best Crypto Casinos (2022) & Gambling Sites

Crypto currencies, digital money equivalent to real currencies, have gained popularity over the last decade. Due to their popularity, various industries have become interested in them. Online gambling is no exception. This is why you can easily find plenty of online crypto casinos on the internet.

Once cryptocurrency has proven its value, the emergence of crypto casinos was inevitable. To stay ahead of competitors, these services offer lucrative bonuses to new players. Unfortunately, these promises are far less generous than they seem.

Since crypto casinos are quite new and different, not every online gambler knows how to deal with them yet. Therefore, it is better to learn more about them and with proper knowledge about their specifics, you will be able to decide whether or not to try them out.

In some cases, confusing wording of the offer conceals the fact that a bonus is not available in your case. Other times, you do receive a bonus but can only use it once you deposit a certain amount of money. Services such as analyze each bonus and read all the fine print so that you could find out which casinos are worthy of your time.

Best Crypto Casino Sites

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Bitcoin, Cubits, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash

5 BTC + 180 free spins

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin

€ 1000 or 0.027 BTC

0.027 BTC welcome bonus that is valid for your first deposit plus 100 Free Spins.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin

Cashback 20% & up to 100 mBTC

Enjoy up to 20% cashback that is credited every single day.

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin,  Dogecoin, Tether, Ripple

up to 1 BTC on first deposit

5 BTC plus 300 free spins as part of our unique 3-part welcome bonus for new members.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum

100% up to 1 BTC

Play all your favorite games at Rocketpot Casino & get daily prizes and airdrops.

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Bitcoin, Dogecoin,  Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin,  Tether, Ripple, NEO

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Depositing in BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, USDT, ADA, DOGE

Crypto Casino Bonus & Promotions

One of the ways crypto casinos attract new customers is by offering bonuses for first-time visitors. Many players view them as an important factor in choosing the best crypto casino. After all, trying a new service is always costly, so having an advantage is always welcome.

On the internet, casinos like to give promotions and bonuses to new players and already joined gamblers. Crypto currency casinos are different from others. Every website has a different bonus policy towards the crypto currency. Sometimes in order to claim bonuses, you need to match specific requirements or accomplish them.

However, spotting these bonuses may be tricky. Some websites choose to limit the eligibility by having confusing rules that prevent you from getting your rewards until much later. This is why we factor bonus offers into our analysis of the best crypto casinos so that you don’t have to sift through lengthy Terms and Conditions.

First Deposit Bonus

One common way a crypto casino may attract new players is by offering a first deposit bonus. In simple terms, a casino promises to give you some cryptocurrency for free on top of what you deposit when you start playing.

These are great when you are deciding whether or not to try online gambling services because they allow you to receive bonus funds on your first deposits. In most cases, they do not exceed 100% of your sum. But, you can still double the amount of crypto currency available to you for gambling. Obviously, there are limitations to the maximum sum you can receive.

It is not uncommon to see bonuses of 100% and above, which means you get twice as much as your first deposit. One thing you should be on a lookout for is wagering – the minimal amount of bets you need to make before a crypto currency casino will let you withdraw your rewards.

No Deposit Bonus

In your search for the best crypto casino, you may also stumble upon a no deposit bonus. This may seem confusing because such a bonus often comes in the form of a free spin. Other times, you may be given some extra money for free before casinos take crypto from you.

Such a name for a bonus can be quite confusing and some online gamblers think that you do not get a bonus at all. However, its main purpose is to give something to you without requiring you to invest your own money. Therefore, gamblers may be granted with spins and bonus crypto currency, which can be spent on other games and cannot be cashed out. A crypto casino no deposit bonus may be a good opportunity to check out online gambling.

This might get a little confusing, so here is a primer for you. A no-deposit bonus is any reward that comes before you send the platform your funds. This means that any free spins that require no deposit will count. These details are also incorporated into the methodology.

Repeatable Bonuses

In order to keep gamblers playing longer, some online casinos provide repeatable bonuses. You can receive them every month, once per week, on a specific weekday, after a deposit, etc. It allows you to enjoy casino games online with continuous new bonuses.

Loyalty Bonuses

Some players choose online crypto casinos with loyalty bonuses. These are programs where you can improve your rank by gambling. The higher it is the better bonus you receive on winnings. Moreover, higher ranks often have additional beneficial features, like access to 24/7 customer support.

Free Spins Bonus

Another attractive opportunity is a free spin. This is exactly what it sounds like – a crypto casino allows you to take some bets without depositing any coins at all. You can think of it as a reward for going through the website’s registration procedure. It is great when you can do free spins without spending your cryptocurrency. However, you should be cautious as it is not that simple. In most cases, free spins have requirements to meet and can be used in specific gambling types with wagering.

As with other bonuses, you need to be on a lookout for the conditions. Free spins usually need to be wagered. Other times, you can use them only in certain games. To save you the trouble, we have a detailed rundown of these conditions on our list.


Best Crypto Currency Online Casinos

Due to a high interest in digital currency, many of them are developed. However, online gambling prefers only stable digital currencies that are widespread.

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Best Crypto Casinos

Here are the most common ones at online crypto casino sites:

Bitcoin Casino

Information about Bitcoin
₿ Symbol BTC, ₿
👨🏻 Gamblers more than you could imagine
💫 Publishing year 2009
📲 App Yes
🎲 Number of bitcoin casinos 10+
🎁 Best Bitcoin Bonus BitStarz
🥇 Best Bitcoin Casino mBit

When people say something about digital money, the first association they have is Bitcoin. It is quite obvious since Bitcoin is the first crypto currency, which appeared in 2009. Its inventor developed a blockchain technology to preserve all information about transactions. It is a transparent system that gives the opportunity to review all actions but preserves the privacy of every person. That is why almost all crypto casinos prefer to use Bitcoin.

Read more about Bitcoin Casino.

Ethereum Casino

Ethereum is more complicated than a simple crypto currency, which was started in 2014. It is a special open-source platform, which uses blockchain technology for creating decentralized digital applications. It allows transfers between two people, they do not need a mediator, which is usually a role played by banks. Thus, such operations are called smart contracts. Their main advantage is the low chances of fraud. Speaking about crypto casinos, in order to use Ethereum, they have to be programmed and developed with the use of Ethereum smart contracts. It brings quick transactions to players, together with higher safety.

Read more about Ethereum Casino.


Litecoin Casino

In 2011 many crypto currencies appeared, but not many of them survived. Litecoin maintained its popularity and is now used in various spheres. It is very similar to Bitcoin, as it is based on the same principles. The main difference is the maximum digital coins that can be generated. In Litecoin it is higher. In addition, since it is cheaper, you will not need to divide the whole Litecoin into tiny parts. In online gambling, it is more convenient when you operate with whole coins. Moreover, the Scrypt algorithm is simpler to use for mining and exchanging. Thus, more and more people and services are going to use Litecoin.

Read more about Litecoin Casino.


The Best Crypto Casinos in Gambling

We have selected several best crypto casinos for you that use one of the above-mentioned crypto currencies. To define their quality, we did not wait for them to provide all the necessary information. We did our own personal investigation from the inside.

As each crypto currency is different, it may be difficult to select one, which will be very common among crypto casinos. However, you should not worry about that with BitStarz. It allows you to use any of the crypto currencies that have been mentioned in this article. Moreover, you will not get lost on the website for several reasons.

While joining BitStarz for gambling with Bitcoins, Litecoins, or Ethereum you can get welcome bonuses. Moreover, there is a VIP loyalty program, which requires a higher deposit, but you receive more benefits. For higher entertainment satisfaction, you gain some points for your current level while you play.

By reaching the last one, you receive a wonderful and large cash prize.

Pros & Cons:

In order to claim bonuses with promotions, you need to match complicated requirements.


If you are trying to find a fair crypto casino, that is only oriented on digital money, then you should visit FortuneJack. This gambling platform accepts Bitcoins, Fujicoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, and other crypto currencies. It means that you do not need to worry about using your electronic wallets or credit cards for gambling. is ready to offer you a great variety of games. If you like slots, then you will spend hours playing them. Live casinos can surprise you by many options for playing your favorite games with other real people and croupiers.

Another wonderful part is that you will not be bored just playing. FortuneJack has prepared for you a great number of various promotions, which have some requirements to meet and can be repeated every week. Moreover, loyalty programs do not disappoint even on losses. It is possible to receive some part of the wagers back. The higher level you reach the better bonuses you receive. However, you should pay attention to time limits for each level.

Pros & Cons



When it comes to crypto currencies, online casinos may use very different systems. CasinoFair is one of them. It allows you to use a great number of different digital money for online gambling, while for wagering you will use FUN currencies. It is a crypto coin that you are using just at this online casino to play.

CasinoFair cares about the safety of its members. Thus, it may ask you to verify your identity by providing one of the requested personal legal documents. It can be a driver’s license, passport, or ID. In addition, you can always check the FAQ section of promotions pages in order to learn more about the casino website before using it. Moreover, you can reach out to the customer support department at any time, day, and night.

Bonuses are great boosts but they have requirements. CasinoFair provides a welcome bonus that is oriented on cashback from your games. During the first seven days of your registration, you should start your playing session with 5000 FUN, and then wager whatever you want. After this period you can receive 50% cashback from your losses with a maximum equivalent to $2000.

Pros & Cons


BitCoin Penguin

If you are tired of online casinos complicated in design with crypto currencies, you should consider BitCoin Penguin. It takes only a couple of minutes to join and start gambling. You can use the most popular cryptocurrencies for wagering and instantly withdraw them.

This crypto casino will not let you get bored. It has hundreds of slots and card games, roulettes, jackpots, and others. You can find all of them according to the category or by using a convenient search tool. For any questions, you can check the extensive FAQ section, which has plenty of instructions. Alternatively, a 24/7 live chat is always ready to come to your rescue.
Speaking about promotions, they are different. Newcomers can enjoy bonuses on their first and second deposits, while the rest receive repeatable promotions on a specific day of the week. They include free spins on Monday and Friday. Moreover, on Monday you can receive a 20% cashback promotion on your biggest deposit.

Pros & Cons


Crypto Casino Games

A great thing about crypto casinos is the variety of games they offer. People associate the word “casino” with traditional games like poker, blackjack, and some sort of a slot machine. There is certainly a good chance you will find all of these in any cryptocurrency casino. What you may not expect is a selection of unique titles based on cryptocurrency that offers as much depth and strategy to players.

Here is a list of the most notable ones:

Mobile Crypto Casinos

With phones and tablets becoming ubiquitous around the world, the best crypto casinos try to attract new audiences by optimizing their services to mobile user experience. Some new entrants to the market even go the other way round by offering a mobile version before creating the one for desktops.

There are two questions you should ask when it comes to a mobile crypto currency casino. The first is “Can I switch between desktop and mobile versions without having any trouble?” The second is “Do I need to install an app, or will the browser suffice?” Alternatively, you can just check our reviews, which already have this information.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets

Finally, once you win big in your favorite crypto casino, you need to think about where to move your funds. You will also need the wallet for converting some of your winnings into cash. A word of warning, though: the use of wallets may vary depending on how the casino of your choice operates.

In most cases, the funds are withdrawn in the same manner as from any other cryptocurrency-related website. That is, you paste your bitcoin address, provide all necessary credentials, and receive your coins in a matter of minutes. For such cases, any solution will do, such as a hardware wallet or an app that manages your keys locally. Be aware, though, that using your cryptocurrency exchange address for this is usually a bad idea.

Some crypto casinos use a method where the funds actually never leave your wallet. This is only possible with some cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and EOS.

You should always check whether your wallet is compatible with these features.


Advantages of Crypto Gambling

It often happens that gamblers do not trust crypto gambling as they worry about the legality of crypto casinos. However, digital currencies have benefits that are unavailable for cash and credit card transactions. It uses blockchain technology, which has proved to be easy to use and efficient. Speaking of online crypto casinos, you receive several major benefits.

Low Fees – or None

It is very common for people to expect some fees while making transactions. With crypto currencies, it is a bit different. In standard transfers, you pay fees to the bank for its service. With crypto money, fees for the transaction are already included. It will be paid to a person, who does mining, in other words, process operations with crypto currencies.
However, when it comes to online gambling, casinos take crypto money and allow them to withdraw without additional fees, or they are very low. It is far more beneficial, as you do not lose your funds, just to deposit money for gambling.

Instant Transfers

Veterans in gambling know that some casinos require a lot of time to send money after making a request for withdrawal. In most cases, casino crypto currency transfers are instant. With a great number of crypto currency miners, you can withdraw money from any crypto-casino almost instantly.

After you have won something at an online casino, your balance increases and you can instantly, without any difficulties, transfer the earnings that you own to your electronic wallet for crypto currency.

Anonymity and Security

Speaking about anonymity is not as simple as it may seem. While paying something with your crypto currency, all networks can check what actions you have performed. It is true that you do not need to reveal your name and identity. Thus, nobody will know who you are.

However, while making transactions you provide an address. Transferring digital currency from the same place all the time makes it very easy to discover your location and even get to know your identity. Therefore, it is recommended to not use the same address twice for more privacy.

Since crypto currencies are very new, people do not trust them and worry a lot about security. However, in order to actually lose it, you will need to give some additional efforts. As they are digital money, you cannot physically lose them, even if you forget your wallet somewhere.

To get access to your crypto funds, a person needs to get your personal credentials to the electronic wallet. Even if someone does that and transfers your money, all the data is saved in the blockchain. It cannot be removed or erased, which means that it can be tracked.


Conclusion to Best Crypto Casinos

Finding the best crypto casino for your purposes is not an easy task. While most websites promise generous bonuses and other lucrative offers, they rarely come with no strings attached. As a result, you can spend hours before realizing all that time was wasted.

crypto casinos

Crypto Casinos

One way to avoid it is to do your research. However, it requires time and effort for every website and doesn’t always pay off. To save you the trouble, we are hard at work developing an exhaustive list that would have all this information gathered in one place. With you can focus on playing while we do all the boring work for you.


What is the best crypto currency for online gambling?

The value of each crypto currency changes very easily, which makes them not that stable. However, Bitcoin is the most widespread crypto currency, including online gambling. Each crypto currency casino has limits for the minimum sum for deposit. It is often measured in Bitcents.

Is crypto gambling legal?

It is quite a complicated question as there are no laws that prohibit using crypto currency for gambling or allow it. It is a new type of digital currency in the world, and governments just learn how to cope with it. In general, it is still a currency that has equivalence to physical money. Thus, as they have value, your crypto gambling is legal.

Are cryptocurrencies taxable?

Each government has a different policy towards taxes on gambling. If you pay taxes while gambling online with standard money, then you will need to pay taxes for crypto currency also.

Is cryptocurrency safe to use?

The technology of blockchain makes use of cryptocurrency very safe. While buying or selling it, you do not need to provide personal information and your identity remains unrevealed. Speaking of whether or not it is a good investment, digital money is not stable yet. Their value is not very predictable and can easily rise or decrease in price.